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Lesson 12: From Generation to Generation by Carol Danna

Lesson 11: Coming to Repentance by Theresa Sahyoun

Lesson 10: When We are Tempted by Shayne Atwater

Lesson 9: A Really Really Bad Day by Almalee Knudsen

Lesson 8: Respect the Position by Almalee Knudsen

Lesson 7: When We Fail to Ask God by Laura Sims

Lesson 6: David in Training by Gia Youngblood

Lesson 5: Pride: The Thief of Joy by Joy McInnis

Lesson 4: More Than a Friendship by Shelly Kitada

Lesson 3: How Do We Face the Giants? by Pastor Carol Danna

Lesson 2: How Do You Choose A King? by Gia Youngblood

Lesson 1: Introduction by Almalee Knudsen

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