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Dear Family,

We’ve been censored!

If you heard Pastor Rick’s message yesterday you’ll understand the irony of this. If you didn’t hear the message, you’re going to want to listen. The church in America is experiencing new levels of persecution through the attack on free speech. YouTube has removed this Sunday’s sermon, but we want you to know that we have many ways to watch not only this sermon but all of our messages and content.


Join us in prayer as we continue to expand our reach thru new platforms and avenues. As of now you can still watch most of our content on YouTube and we will continue to stream on all of our platforms as long as we are able to. One thing we will never do is stop speaking TRUTH. That may cost us in some ways but we will continue to preach the gospel without reserve and speak truth at all costs. Below you will find several ways to watch this weekends service. You might want to save this for future reference in case this happens again.

God Bless,
Pastor Rick

Ways to watch and listen:

Our Website:

Our Podcast Site (This also streams to most podcast sites including Itunes):

Our App:

Download it with this link...


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