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Lesson 1: Introduction by Almalee Knudsen

Lesson 2: Claiming and Declaring God's Promises by Pastor Carol Danna

Lesson 3: Covenants are More than Promises by Almalee Knudsen

Lesson 4: He Keeps His Promises by Gia Youngblood

Lesson 5: Provisional Promises by Pastor Kim Murphy

Lesson 6: The Promise of Salvation by Theresa Sahyoun

Lesson 7: More Than Just Salvation by Joy McInnis

Lesson 8: What's in A Name? by Almalee Knudsen

Lesson 9: The Promise of The Holy Spirit by Pastor Carol Danna

Lesson 10: When Faith Meets God's Promises by Gia Youngblood

Lesson 11: Promises for Me by Joy McInnis

Lesson 12: Promises for My Family by Theresa Sahyoun

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