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For home educating families

Integrity Christian Homeschool was founded in 1991, a private Christian school authorized by the state of California and located at the Cornerstone Church in Anaheim. Integrity offers Christ centered core curriculum classes from K-12th grade in addition to specialized electives in the arts and foreign language. As a PSP-Private School Satellite Program for home educating families we also offer a supportive community of parents and teachers and enjoy elementary and teen events and field trips. With the covering and support of the Cornerstone Church. It is the goal of Integrity School to equip families with a Christ Centered Education to live an abundant Christian life with purity, holiness, and integrity.  


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Pre-School through 8th Grade

At Independence, we believe that character should be taught in school and modeled by the staff. We believe that God created every individual with unique talents and abilities. Our students find meaning and purpose in life by discovering what they can do to please God. They learn academics to better understand the world that God created. Without God the world doesn't make sense; Independence Christian School offers an education that makes sense. For more info or to enroll, CLICK HERE.

CAPA - Cornerstone Academy of Performing Arts

Dance. Music. Voice.

CAPA is a faith-based performing arts academy founded here at the Cornerstone Church.  Our Dance, Music and Voice programs are now in session!  Our vision is to have a full arts academy that will one day include theater, film, and more!

DANCE: Dance Class levels range from ballet/tap combos for ages 3 and up to advanced pre-professional and professional training. We also have teen and adult beginning dance classes.

MUSIC & VOICE: Our music program currently offers private lessons in Guitar, Bass, and Piano!  We also offer vocal lessons for all ages.  Availability varies per instructor, and lessons begin at $30 and up per half-hour lessons. (depending on teacher and skill level of student). Advanced student class times and tuition will adjust accordingly.

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"Doing our best, and trusting God for the rest"

Heavens Armor is a Christian-based, Mixed Martial Arts ministry that is available to both children and adults. Classes are Christ-centered, teaching physical and spiritual disciplines and are offered as a Godly alternative to Eastern practices taught in many Martial Arts schools. Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

What you can expect from a typical class?

Each 1-Hour class starts and ends with prayer. Students learn to stretch, fall, tumble, and learn techniques enabling one to defend themselves or others. Brazilian Jujitsu, Kick Boxing, and Hapkido are just some of the martial art disciplines we utilize during class. Students are also given lessons in Biblical wisdom & disciplines, and are encouraged to seek God first in all things- putting on the Armor of God daily.

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