Lesson 12: Authentic Worship by Carol Danna

Lesson 11: Reward of Worship by Tiffany Box

Lesson 10: Worship Makes a Difference by Almalee Knudsen

Lesson 9: Practices of Worship by Laura Sims

Lesson 8: Giving in Worship by Stacy Sooter

Lesson 5: A Life of Worship Brings Courageous Faith by Theresa Sahyoun

Lesson 4: True Worship Shows Submission by Kim Murphy 

Lesson 7: Worship is Contagious by Almalee Knudsen

Lesson 6: Passionate Worship by Joy McInnis

Lesson 3: A Lifestyle of Worship by Gia Youngblood 

Lesson 2: Why Do We Worship? by Almalee Knudsen

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